Friday, December 18, 2015

With a Single Step

Due to personal changes in my life, I have decided to leave Eugene in the coming week. It truly has been a wonderful ride and a rich and full experience living in Oregon. I have made wonderful lifelong friends, explored a world I have never seen before, and most of all got the chance to grow in ways that I would never have expected. While at times it's been challenging and trying, I relish in the beautiful moments and keep in mind that while one door closes another opens.

I have decided to continue the next step in my life with some traveling. Luckily I do have friends peppered through the west coast so I am now on a quest to find a new place to roost. I am slowly letting go of more and more of my material things in an effort to help liberate myself not only physically but spiritually too. It's time for me to redefine and rejuvenate. I will posting pictures and parts of my travels here. So far my plan is Hawai'i for the holidays, LA, Austin, and then Seattle. I think that gives me a pretty good survey to get started.

For those who have been taking lessons or who are interested, I will be starting up Skype lessons within the next couple of months. So please let me know if you are interested so I have a better idea of the level of interest. 

So thank you to all you good people who have been nothing but supportive and warm. It makes leaving that much harder. Though I do intend to be spending more time in the future in Oregon. Currently working on plans for the upcoming summer . . .

So let the journey begin! I feel invigorated and inspired to what the world will bring next. I truly do feel that we must be what we want to see in the world. Be the change you are seeking. (Manifest the words I am speaking? :P)

Happy Holidays!

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