Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ambient Guitar

If your anything like me you enjoy playing with effects. When I first started playing guitar I was really insistent on using the fewest amount of effects as possible (probably because I only had 2 pedals haha!). Now I have really developed a fondness for people who can not only use effect pedals but can also utilize them to make sounds beyond the convention of the pedal.

I would like to introduce Andy Othling. I have been following and slowly making it through his videos on youtube for the past month. I found his demos to be informative and I particularly enjoyed this playlist of videos below. This is a focus on, "ambient guitar." In this series he talks about using a number of delays/ reverbs with specific techniques to create these large synthy ambient sounds.

Enjoy! I am currently finishing the last bit's of my board at the moment and when I have it complete I will be posting it! Hopefully working my way up to creating an awesome pad board like yours Andy!

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