Monday, June 11, 2012

Broke Asstetik and the Republik Music Festival

Back stage at the MACC

It truly has been a great experience this weekend playing two of our biggest shows.  The Republik Music Festival was a first for Broke Aesthetic on many different levels that left us inspired for the next show.  The sound was seriously huge which brought out a new kind of monster out of us.  It's funny being on such a huge stage because you almost don't know what to do with yourself with so much space!
After Kakaako we had the pleasure of returning to Max's and my home island Maui.  Chill with the folks, eat some Maui grinds, and play music.  It really felt nice to return to Maui for the sole reason to play music that left a nice taste of satisfaction.  Seriously a big mahalo to all the support coming from Danny Navarro for the tech support, BAMP for letting us play, of course Brandon Apeles for taking us to the stage and everyone else for the love and support.  We will continue to do our thing and nothing but our best to show we are worthy of such an honor.

Photos courtesy of Erika Elona

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