Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Albums From Hawaii

So I picked up a couple of new albums in the past month:

[EP]ic: Chris Salvador's debut as a solo artist.  [EP]ic features 5 original tunes by the ukulele player Chris, featuring epic ukulele playing from opening tune ATP to the strong build of Seconds To Launch.  The album also features the delicate somber touch of song Autumn Will Never Come.  Featuring Alden Tokuzato on bass and guitar and Abe Lagrimas Jr. on drums.  Check out Chris also on Solo Ukulele: The King of Pop and Heart & Soul's: Take it Easy.  Album recorded at Low Brow Studios by Demetri Marmash.

It Always Comes Back Around: Saving Cadence releases their first full-fledged album with Jordan Fite on vocals and guitar, Glen Molina on bass, and Taylor Fite on drums and vocals.  It Always Comes Back Around features 10 original pop-rock songs ranging from the upbeat of track Rock Star Baby and the mellow ease down of title track It Always Comes Back Around.  If you want to check them out, Saving Cadence will be opening for Jimmy Cliff later this month down at the Aloha Tower Waterfront.  For more information go to their website here.  Album recorded at Low Brow Studios by Demetri Marmash (assistant producer Steven "Lock" Lynch).

Alternative HI: Local bands from the alternative scene brought together by producer Brandon Apeles and Shawn Livingston Mosely have been compiled onto one CD called Alternative HI.  Alternative Hi called for following criteria :

1 – All the material had to be original. 
2 – Aside from solo artist with guest musicians, all bands had to remain together and are actively performing in the local scene. 
3 – The songs selected for the album would be done so by the producers. 
4 - There would be a rigorous pre-production with the bands and their material to assure they are up to an international level of quality in line with the top artist in the Alternative genre.
5 –Although their singles would be fully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at the expense of ‘Aumakua Records, they would retain the rights to the master’s.

On this: 18 tracks were made featuring Hawaii's top alternative artist from the beautiful poeticism of Johnny Helm's Master of Ceremonies to the power of Mantra's Misguided Adoration.  Other artists featured on the album are Mano Kane, Sing the Body, Sabrina, Owaila, Disaster Kit, Mike Love, Erika Elona, Sex Puppet and the list goes on.  The product of this myriad of artists creates a great eclectic mix and a certain intimacy with the unrecognized alternative music scene from Hawaii.  Tracks from Alter Hi have already made their way to radio play on Star 101.9 on the new Sunday rock show: Unsigned HI.  With the help of The Mountain Apple Company, Alternative Hi can be found in your local CD rack at Walgreens, Longs, Target, Walmart and more (of course you can always download your copy off of iTunes).  For more information on the CD check out the official website or "like" the Facebook page below.  Album recorded at Soul Sound Studios by Shawn Livingston Mosely (assistant producers Steven "Lock" Lynch, Kelii Heath, and Michael Casil on track Walk Away).

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