Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awesome Bands=Awesome Night

For those of you who had the chance to come down to Hawaiian Brians last night you know whats up.  The show was seriously off the hook!  A huge list of bands including many Alternative Hi artists.  I personally had way too much fun, great music and great people.

Erika Elona Band (pic by Joah Buley)
I had the honor of playing with three of the bands last night including the wonderful Erika Elona Band.  Featuring Erika Elona on vocals and acoustic guitar, Brandon Apeles on bass, Mike Nakamoto on drums, and myself on electric guitar.  We started off nice and slow and quickly warmed up with Erika's original, "What You Do to Me."  After playing both her latest single "Easier" and song featured on the Alternative HI album "Smoke Signals,"  we finished off with "Fans" by Kings of Leon.  We begin recording Erika's album in a couple of weeks at Soul Sound Studios.

Broke Aesthetic (pic by Joah Buley)
Second set was Broke Aesthetic which was KILLER. It was just incredibly fun and I felt possessed by the music.  Max, Mike, and myself worked out our new set with some new material and I feel it went off pretty well!  All three of us were pretty nervous at first but after the first song, "Lovely," we loosened up pretty quickly.  We will be playing at the end of the month on March 31st at the Waikiki Sandbox for this months Top Shelf!

Sex Puppet

Finishing the night was Sex Puppet.  Featuring Makke Farley on lead vocals, Ken Lykes and myself on guitar, Taisuke Tanaka on bass, and Stephen Lock on drums. We started off the night with our single featured on the upcoming Alternative HI album titled, "My Chevelle," which kicked us off to a good start.  Running through our old tunes, it felt really good to get back stage with the gang.  Sex Puppet recently has just returned to the scene, and intends to make more and more appearances in the next couple of months!

Saving Cadence, Virgin Mary, Mano Kane, Desert Sea, Alexia, and Danielle also performed through out the evening.  All of which did a great job but extra kudos to Mano Kane for really bringing the house down.  They had everyone screaming Roadhouse Blues.  Hell yeah guys, lets bring back rock and roll!
Chris from Mano Kane being a beast
More pictures from the Pulse

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