Monday, November 7, 2011

Rumbling and Tumbling

Here is a picture from the Erika Elona Band participating in first round of the Mai Tai Rumble on Nov 1st.  Advancing to the semi finals, we will be playing on Nov. 22 for a chance to participate in the finals.  Come down and shout because audience response is part of the score!  The $3 Blue Moons will help the encouragement.

The first round of the SXSW contest is finished!  Congrats to bands: Mano Kane, Saving Cadence, Move Minor Standard, Animal Mother, Bats In The Belfree, Intire Project, Delayed Resistance, Sing The Body, and Kings Of Spade.  I got to attend the second night and watch the amazing Sing the Body and Kings of Spade kill it into the ground.  The mixture of precise musicianship and pure energy really makes it a treat every time.  Thanks guys for representing Hawaii the right way!

If you guys have some time come down to Apartm3nt tomorrow (Nov.8) and check out Erika Elona @8pm! 

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