Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just arrived back in the 808 and am happy to be home! Part of me still misses the city but it is nice to see the ocean again.

I spent my remaining time breathing in the sites, checking out various shows, and seeing more art. Pretty much got to see all the major areas and the sites linked to them. Among my favorites were the Lincoln Center (which would have been awesome to see a show in the Rose Theater!), the Brooklyn Promenade (enough to make any human fall in love again), a little club called Terra Blues (the band was mega bitchin by slamming the crowd with some fat blues), and of course brunch at the Blue Note (featuring Mordy Ferber).

I feel seeing all this really brought out a lot of drive in me and makes me want to play twice as much. Inspiration and music are not bad things to live for. So let's do it again.

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