Sunday, July 24, 2011

These Streets Turn You Into Someone Else. . .

So I feel I've been getting a healthy dose of the city, seeing the intended and the unintended. Art and music are my priority. The scene for it here is amazing. As imagined in my mind.

Stopped by the Whitney to check out the current exhibits and their permanent collection. Separated by 5 floors, each one held a character of its own. It was awesome seeing an original Demuth. Just being that close lets you almost feel the brush strokes and the energy from each movement to create a singular idea. It was quite moving and inspirational to say the least.

After went and had probably some of the best ramen I have ever had. This little restaurant called Ippudo had a variety of different style of noodles and broths. I had a heavy spicy miso which gave my sinuses a quick flush. Definitely recommend if you want some extremely flavorful ramen (with great sake too)!

Also got a chance to walk into my first Guitar Center which I have to admit was disappointed. Even with a great selection and extreme organization I did feel like it was a big toy store for musicians. Not in a good way but more in the very gimmicky: let's buy your first guitar for your 8th birthday kind of feel. Sure they did have some great stuff like this beautiful White Falcon but overall not recommend. I did get to try out some stuff with the salesman really being a salesman than an expert which is sort of maddening. So I guess if you are looking for something specific and just want to try it out, they probably have it in stock. Helped me decide on getting a Swolen Pickle that's for sure.

After that took the subway up to Brooklyn to check out some music. At this restaurant/bar we got to see the Rakiem Walker Experience. Drums, keys, 2 guitars, bari sax and the lead soprano sax. The sound was tight and talk about groove. Like a jazzy Curtis Mayfield funk. The keys held down the groove while the rest of the band did their squeaks and growls, whacks and slides. This is that Brooklyn feel.

Finished off this night with the Broadway show Fuerza Bruta. This definitely was a show experience that I have never had before. The lobby was a bar and as you enter the show room they have everyone stand in the center of a large circle in the middle of the room. It's sort of an interactive show with you constantly moving. Through out the show they are playing house music and it almost feels like a party! Totally different compared to Sister Act. I love it


  1. I'm happy you're finally getting a Swollen Pickle :)

  2. I'm so glad you got to see Fuerza Bruta! It's such a great show. I'll have to remember that Ramen place and try it when I get back