Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Song Writers Welcome!

Earlier last week I was visited by an excellent lyricist and ukulele enthusiast John Lindhorst. He came by on his first day visiting the islands just to check out some ukuleles with no intention on walking away with one or even having an impromtpu jam session. Yet both happened and we had a great time. He showed me a couple of his songs and I have to admit that they were stuck in my head! While walking to grab some coffee I started to hum his songs and caught myself mid-chorus. He stopped by again two days later with his mini video camera and we had another little jam. Here is a link for the video off his youtube channel of his song, "My Hula Baby and Me." John definitely falls under the category of, "Good Fun Dudes," with a great vibe for the ukulele. So check out more of his songs and keep an ear open for some of his catchy lyrics sung by himself and many other musicians!

John's Youtube

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