Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cherub Acoustic Pick Up

WCP-60G Guitar Pickup

On slow days at the store we occasionally get visited by our surf instructor friend Kevin. He's a good fun guy with great energy to him (and a lot of it). I have had the pleasure instructing him once before on basic improvisation and it was a great lesson. That high energy mixed with the spirit of the jam really brought out an enlightening experience that reminded me the kind of joy that music brings out in people. Really a reminder to what I believe is one of the keys to playing music: Joy.

One day Kevin made one of his regular visits into the store and asked me if I knew anything about amplifying his ukulele. He was weary of damaging his beautiful Kanile'a so he was looking for something topical. I told him about the, "Bottle Cap," pick ups and he was interested by not particularly inspired. He told me he heard of a clip on pick up that was cheap yet effective. Not exactly sure what he was talking about I imagined the idea and realized how effective that could be. What brand does this?

The following week opened as usual. Readying the store, teaching the morning lesson, and a mad rush of customers. Just as I exhaled I started to hear the sound of a distorted ukulele. Not too sure, I expected maybe one of the crazies strumming on a cheapo ABC or something along those lines. Yet, around the corner came Kevin in hand his ukulele with a cord hanging from his uke. Here he was with his clip on mic hooked up to one of those little Danelectro amps clipped on to his board shorts. I couldn't help but laugh to see he had found exactly what he was looking for. With all knobs cranked on max, this tiny amp couldn't the volume. With some minor adjustments the ukulele sounded as it was, just slightly amplified (a good sign of a good pick up).

WCP-60G Guitar Pickup from the company Cherub. With great reviews and it's inexpensive nature I can't see how anyone could go wrong with one of these. If you have an instrument that is too nice for any invasive surgery, I highly recommend this little piece of equipment. It's small and has little padding to avoid any contact damage.

I am not aware of where you can get this locally but you can order it right of their website. And if you do find it locally. . .let me know soon (because I'll be ordering it if not!)

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