Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist of Hawaii '11

With the end of a piercing afternoon sun and a cool velvety breeze, illuminated a gathering of Hawaii's creative community. Wednesday, June 29th marked the opening of the Artist of Hawaii 2011 show. Presenting some of Hawaii's finest artist, the Artist of Hawaii show is,"largest, longest-running all-media juried exhibition in the state." This year juror Michael Rooks selected 118 works from 79 different artist. I went that evening to view the pieces from Maui artist Michael Takemoto (wearing white on the right). Being one of the few artist from an outer-island, Takemoto is no stranger to the art scene in Hawaii. From his earlier work of, "Plexiglyphs," to his giant rubber roach portraits of the, "Axis of Evil," Michael displays some of his work with the tradition of Sumi-e ink brush painting. His finesse and intention is valued in every stroke which personifies an aspect of Michael's personality. In my opinion, his contrast really shows his accomplishment and knowledge not only in art, but the energetic spirit of the artist.

The evening was completed with refreshments and great live music from the Chris Yeh quartet. I didn't get the chance to speak with all the musicians but I spoke with drummer Shinya Yarimizo and was informed that you could see them performing in various groups at The Dragon Upstairs. Shinya performs Tuesday nights with his wife Satomi on piano.

Here is the Academy's webpage on the show: Click here

The show will be running until September 25th so I strongly advise you pop your heads in and see some of Hawaii brightest gems right in your backyard.

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