Thursday, June 23, 2011


The U-Bass has always been a funny concept to me. For an acoustic bass it doesn't carry the volume that I hoped though it was nice and portable like an ukulele. The feel is so so but has a pretty decent tone when plugged in. So. . . . why not just make it solid!

So here is the solid body U-Bass. With a groovy look and decent weight for the portability, the Solid U-Bass is a excellent addition to the arsenal. It passes airline restrictions for a carry on and once it is plugged you get that sweet fret-less bass the original U-Bass has. I've so far seen black and red which I feel fits the the asymmetrical look with the cuts looking like spikes. A little pricey but if your looking for something new to whack at I would give it a whirl!

Order from from Ukulele PuaPua

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