Monday, June 6, 2011

A Recap on June 4th

So a little late but fashionable, the Goddess Alchemy Project show carried an eerie scent by the end of the night. After a couple of delays the show started a little late (yet still in fashion) with Taimane Gardner on Ukulele. Fortunately I got a quick snapshot of Kings of Spade sound checking as well as Taimane shredding her ukulele standards.

Kings of Spade killed it as usual. Despite the recent trouble with the stolen car, they really came through and showed downtown and even more so Hawaii, that good music is always right around the corner. They set a great example for the scene here in Hawaii and hope their Maui tour is just as killer as it was that night.

So though their equipment kept them at bay, the Goddess Alchemy Project had a great vibe and kept patient with all the tech problems. Keeping charismatic and poise, the held the stage and fell right in their groove when the sound came on. It's nice to hear some flair from the west coast and hope they come back to gel once again.

Debuting our new song, Wanting in Mute, we carried a comfortable set with a killer crowd. As much work and time invested in our part, it really is the crowd that kills it. We jive when the crowd jives, and let me thank every single one of you folks for coming out that night. You folks kept the light on strong and we know that without you we'd be nothing. We had a killer time and look forward to doing it again.

Despite the shaky nature and questionable tech things cured with good time and hard work.So keep posted for the latest updates and I hope to see you at the next show. We got some new projects in store and look forward to what the world has waiting for us next.

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