Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Eleuke!

I've tried a couple of solid body ukuleles before and have been completely turned off by them. Usual bad tone, uncomfortably heavy, and not too much of a practical element to it. I mean if you got a ukulele with great tone then just mic it or get a pick up installed. How could a solid body ukulele ever match one with both electric and acoustic elements?
The Eleuke changed my mind. Though I would still recommend using a strap for the weight, it has a couple of real neat elements to it. To start it has a nice feel. It's usually fitted with a cut-away which is nice since it makes a great lead instrument. With Aquila strings it has a nice solid semi-bright tone. So far I have tried just a basic overdrive with the Eleuke and it sounds pretty sweet. It eliminates a lot of the feedback problems you'd get with just an acoustic pick up. Also the designs are sick! To the left are two of the more common designs (One of the concerts has some Koa too!)
The icing on the cake is the mp3 feature. For those of us who have want to practice without disturbing anyone, whether it be at home late at night, on the bus, or even in a room full of people, the Eleuke has three jacks. One is for you quarter inch cable and two are eighth inch jacks for your headphones and your Mp3 player! Since it's powered with a 9volt, you can plug your headphones directly into the ukulele and jam away with minimal sound. And for those of us who like to practice with the music, you can put the current song you are working on on your mp3 player and hook it straight into the ukulele. That way coming out of your headphones is: 1: Whatever your are playing and 2: Whatever your mp3 is playing as well!
So if you are interested in a solid body ukulele, I think Eleuke makes a couple of great models (not to mention they are cheap!). Of course your best bet is to plug it in and get a feel for it. You can order them by sending an email to .

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