Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Daylight Effect

Since we are doing a show next month at the Sandbox down in Waikiki, I felt compelled to take a couple of shots of what this outrageous joint looks like in the day time. This hardcore venue which holds the Once A Month Punk shows is dormant in the day with a quiet reserve that is almost deceptive until you get close up and look in the windows. You see everything pushed up to the walls with a light tint of discoloration on the glass. Neon signs with drink specials say it's a bar without really describing it's clientele. The regular foot traffic seems weak. Even the side ally is emptied of the usual crowd looking for a breath of fresh air. I can't help but feel that these diurnal people have no idea the pulse that flows in it's veins once the sun goes down and the music starts pumping. So if your feeling like seeing this sleeping monster alive, come down on Saturday July 9th for the Sex Puppets live. We'll make sure to keep the crowd living and to nip this giant in the ass. You might see a little of yourself there and potentially see a little bit of your monster come out as well.

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