Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art at PuaPua

Local artist have a tough time surviving and making a living anywhere. Waikiki is no exception with the cost of living higher than most pays. Though some artist find a way to work within the system and promote their craft. Eli Larkin has had is art posted up in various art galleries in Waikiki but now finds a place to sit at Ukulele PuaPua. At the Moana Surfrider, Eli has his art on display as well as some from his brothers who also paint. With an animated flair, he has a variety of classic island images such as Diamond Head, turtles, and surfers as well as a small section of the wall dedicated to some notorious pirate images. Giving a lot of life and character to PuaPua, Eli also does custom paint jobs on some of the ukulele per customers request. With easel and palette always set up, he comes and goes between his painting and hitting up the skate park to refresh. So come down to PuaPua to check out the latest and maybe even get a chance to see Eli at work!

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